Application without needing user access? (client_id)

I’m working on a small app that only reads public data from Twitch. It doesn’t need any user authentication, etc. Therefore, I don’t need an OAuth setup since nobody needs to log in to use it.

Do I still require a client_id? If so, can I just put a non-functioning OAuth link since the users will never need to authorize the application to use it?


Is it absolutely necessary, no, but it is the best practice. If you can’t easily send the header than I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are making a lot of requests.

I can add the header in, just wanted to know if it would matter if the OAuth actually pointed somewhere valid or not if there’s no authentication needed.

Thanks for responding :smiley:

The redirect url does not have to be valid.

Thanks! One more question, if you happen to know…

Is rate limiting an issue by client id, or by client id + requester? I’m working on a small client-side app, so they’d be requesting the information, scaling request rate by individual client to prevent over usage.

There is currently no automatic rate limiting in the Twitch API

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