Approval on weekends?

I submitted overlay extension for approval Thursday morning, received rejection because of a missed console.log a little before 6PM PST, resubmitted immediately and haven’t heard back (friday 6PM PST). I want to use my OBS for things other than my test server is it safe to assume if I haven’t heard back after 6PM PST on a friday that I don’t need to have my test channel LIVE until monday morning?

Any insight about the approval experience others have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Who knows and Twitch probably won’t commit to saying. Though they do say 1-2 “business” days estimate, so probably not. Not too much of a bother to me, but would be nice not wasting electricity. For what it’s worth, I’m able to run multiple instances of OBS, but if you need to change settings it might be fussy.

I personally ran the stream using ffmpeg that was just sending black 720p image at like 100kbps on my server. Using OBS is not necessary.

What’s interesting is I received a rejection at 9PM PST on a Friday because I missed the part about requiring a screenshot and assumed I could do that later before release (just didn’t read document well enough) but the time of rejection email is interesting.

Very awesome idea skill1917 I didn’t think about that. Will do that now! Also not sure if I should wait until monday morning to keep my computer on overnight to stream my black image at 100kbps or if they have magical approvers working on weekends lol

I haven’t seen anything official anywhere so these are just my thoughts.

Twitch assumes that Extensions are being developed by “businesses,” therefore they treat us as such. You usually would not expect a business to be running a test stream during the weekend or off hours, therefore they avoid reviewing during those times. This really only pertains to overlay Extensions, but I feel Twitch would want a near identical process for both overlay and panel Extensions. Independent developers might also start to complain that Twitch reviews panels on weekends but not overlays.

From my understanding, Twitch acquired Curse Inc. in August 2016. Under Twitch, Curse has been tasked with revamping the Twitch developer website. In addition, Curse, through their Curseforge service, had a system to review and approve uploaded game mods, so it made sense for Twitch to task them with reviewing Twitch Extensions since they are basically mods for Twitch channels. I have no idea if Curseforge reviews mods on weekends, but if that is the case, perhaps weekend reviews are possible in the future, depending on the community’s response to Extensions.

I would suggest the that assumption is not correct, but I can see what it can be interpreted differently. Internally, we have used a number of personas for modelling different categories of developers, and have done what we can to cater to all of them. Hobbyists are important!

There are a number of different things to decompress in this thread:

  • review guidelines/requirements
  • review turnaround times
  • the Curse acquisition

I will try and address all three in turn.

Extensions represent the first time that code, written by third parties has been allowed to run on Twitch. Being the first time, means that we are at a starting point. There are a number of things being done now, that have not been done before (by Twitch at least). The result of this, is that some interactions are less than ideal. Our review process for Extensions is a good example of this. The guidelines requiring developers to have a live channel for the entirety of the review process is less than ideal. It however, was something that was able to be implemented internally, and is functional. This is something that will continue to evolve, as extensions evolve and mature. For what it is worth, support for obfuscated code also fell into this category. The desire is to make things better.

As a part of launching a new product, internally, we have been trying to level up a number of people who are authoritatively able to review Extensions as they come in. The message I received back from the review team is that there is some coverage over weekends, but, if an Extension includes something that is flagged for review by a more senior team member, that will require additional time (as such a person needs to be available). There is however a team of people working on reviewing Extension submissions.

There is some overlap between the old Curse mods review team and the Extensions review team, so good call on that front! It is actually broader than that, but that was our starting point many months ago. This too, will continue to evolve.