Attempt to change profile picture

I’m trying to allow my users to change their profile picture through the API system. However it only allows them to edit their bio/description. Is there anything I can do to change profile picture?


Example of Use

PUT /helix/users?helix/users?profile_image_url= HTTP/1.1
Accept: /
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Rigor/1.0.0;
Authorization: Bearer token
Client-Id: ClientID

I have the scope user:edit added and it still doesn’t allow it to change. I get a success, but no change was made.

It is not possible to update profile image through the API.

As the docs specify for the Update User endpoint the only thing you can change is description

I’m confused because another tool was able to do this. Could it be that they weren’t using the API? If so, how were they able to change it so quickly? It couldn’t have been an emulated browser.

Using anything other than the documented endpoints is potentially a violation of Twitch’s Developer Agreement, and/or Twitch’s ToS.

As I said, I know someone who was doing it. But with that response; I’m guessing that it means there is a way and it just isn’t documented. Probably with this?

You will not get help with this here. You are legally liable if you violate Twitch’s legal agreements by using endpoints not intended for 3rd party use, so we can not support you here. Just because others may be breaking legal agreements does not make it okay for you to do the same.

Furthermore, Kraken is deprecated and will be removed in the future so even if you figured this out yourself it will soon no longer work for you.

Rather than reverse engineerinering or guessing at endpoints. You’ll get further by only using those endpoints documented at

You would be better suited at making a feature request on the UserVoice.

Since at time of writing there is no method to provide any imagery for a channel via the API, including but not limited to emotes, profile, offline image etc and so on

I think it’s not possible with API. However you can read this documentation guide

No this API only supports chaning a users “description”

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