Authentication in php with oAuth

I’m totally new to APIs in general only have some php experience.

I just basicly need a button to login via twitch and then I can read their username.

This isn’t secure information so there isn’t a token needed.

But as far as I understand correctly, I have to do it anyways to get a token and then get the username.

My problem is twitch spits out

"error": "Bad Request",
"status": 400,
"message": "client does not exist"

I used this url out of a tutorial[clientid]&redirect_uri=[http://localhost:8000/]&scope=[user_read]

clientid is obviously my Application ID that I have censored

And here is the tutorial I was following

Any help would be really cool!

Hey, remove the [] brackets from the URL.

For example:

Thanks just a quick 2nd question.

The token appears in the url after you get redirected can I use that token in the URL?

I have it in php with the function $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']

but the offical API documentation says I need to use


But I don’t know how to use this “post”

You will need to make the POST request as specified in the Authentication doc. For background you can read about POST here: . Essentially it is the method data is sent from forms on websites to the server.

I did a quick google search for sending a POST request from PHP and found:

If you are using a framework, I would suggest looking into a more specific way to do it from within that framework as it may be cleaner and in better practice.

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