OAuth_Token on Http

Hey Guys, i have the following problem:
I want to use the Twtich-Api on my application. The Get data i can read out easy but the post/put requests i cant get…

On the documentation stay i must build the link to get the oauth_token like this:


If i execute a normal get request with this url, i’ll get an 401 respose code… With an post request i’ll get the source code of the “authorisation” page but i cant klick with the application >.<

I’m slowly despair and am open for any help
Pleace Help

Best Wished

Did you swap CLIENT_ID for your actual Client ID?

yes i do…

This is the URL you send a user to.

So you would create a link on a page and link to that URL.

Then the user would click the link.

i know, and if i click on it (or an other user) they must autentificate it once and redirect. But i’ll always come on the autentificate (not like on the redirect page after i autentivicate)


Your response makes no sense.

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