Autohost Event and Push Notification To Followers

Does anyone have any ideas how to, or can point to documentation, about detecting AutoHost Twitch events of the hosting channel; then through other automation, send a push notification to the host channel’s followers?

Is following looking in the right direction?
> HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel :<channel> [<number-of-viewers>]

Looking to use webhook services…

They are supposed to appear in chat to the broadcaster, so you can create a chat bot to cconsume and relay

See also these Uservoices

Thanks for the reply Barry. As we are looking for completely unattended automation, I’m not sure if you are suggesting to monitor realtime chat events. The UserVoice articles you reference seem to be requesting the needed features.

I realize now that the HOSTTARGET I mentioned above is from the set of limited IRC Commands. I think what I was looking for is an endpoint in the list at that would report the AutoHost event. My thought was to then be able to notify followers of the event, perhaps by briefly invoking a stream, with the title of the stream as the message to the followers.

Thanks for any more ideas.

Thats more likely to confuse the end user

HOSTTARGET in your own channel will let you monitor when a outbound host starts.

I thought you were referring to inbound hosts to a channel, not an outbound host.

And an outbound host HOSTTARGET is sent to anyone in the chat, and should send to new connections to the chat.

So your end goal here, is to tell your followers when you auto host someone?

Theres no way to do that on Twitch.

Doing a brief stream can result in no notifications going out at all. Since the stream isn’t up long enough, additionally starting a stream will turn off the host.

Then you go offline again, and the outbound autohost kicks in, then you go live again, knocking the host offline, then you go offline and the outbound autohost kicks in, then you go live again, knocking the host offline, and so on.

Twitch doesn’t provide a way for your to arbitarily notify your followers.

Thanks for the insight.

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