Automated IRC messages only updating on page load


I’ve begun building an interactive intermission application for use on Twitch. Yesterday, the application was working fine.

Today I woke up and chat messages sent via IRC are not visible to users in real time.

Any messages sent by my application show up as past messages when a new user enters the chat, but no messages sent will appear in real time – they only update if the user re-enters the chat by reloading or opening the chat in a new window.

For example, if the bot sends a consecutive integer every second. User 1 joins 10 seconds after the bot is activated, they will see a chat history of the bot counting 1…2…3…4… to 10. While in chat, User 1 sees no updates.

User 2 joins five seconds later, they will see the bot having counted to 15 – even though User 1’s chat never updated.

While in the chat, they will see no new digits, even if messages from other human participants are updating. If they reloaded the page later, all the missing messages update as though they had sent in real time.

It’s a frontend edge case bug and likely needs to be reported to Twitch via uservoice

It is something I have observed, but I don’t have a “reliable” reproduction case to present.

When sending messages to chat myself. (Hovering the chat rather than reloading will “fix” the problem when I do observe it)

Thanks Barry. I’ve reported it to the uservoice here.

Do you have any tips on how you’ve avoided or fixed this edge case when you’ve noticed it in the past? I’ve already tried rebuilding my application from scratch but that had no impact, so it does appear to be completely on Twitch’s frontend.

I’ve verified this issue is happening on multiple channels, when checking the chat from multiple devices and Internet connections, and is happening both when the channel is live and offline. I’m at a dead end about how to continue building.

When I spot it hover mouse over chat and unhover fixes it for me.

just keep building. odd you manage to get it more reliably that me.
But I do note it does happen often when the channel is quiet.

But it’s just odd

When I spot it hover mouse over chat and unhover fixes it for me.

I guess I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, @BarryCarlyon. Are you saying you hover your mouse anywhere over the stream chat and the bug stops happening? How long do you hover? I’m not getting a change when I do this.

hover so “chat paused due to hover” appears then unhover so that disappears.

Worth noting in all cases I’ve seen this “bug” I’m also a moderator in that channel. Which may alter chat’s behaviour slightly.

I can get “chat paused due to scroll” – I can’t seem to get a “chat paused due to hover” solution. I’m connected with multiple accounts on multiple devices and none of them are getting the chat updates – would every user need to do this upon entering the chat?

For clarity, as far as I can tell, every user in the chat experiences this bug. I have multiple devices, multiple Internet connections/ISPs, both moderator and non-moderator connected to the channel, and all of them are experiencing the same bug.

Not sure what else to suggest.

Since it looks like a front end bug.

Hmm, thanks anyway.

Your issue sounds similar to the one reported here.

So you seem to have something similar going on but doesn’t match the edge case I know of.

So will have to wait on the uservoice perhaps

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