Bits in Extensions - Limiting Extension to Affiliate/Partnered streamers?

Asked on Twitter but this is probably a better place:

Will Extensions that include Bits-in-Extensions only be available for installation by Affiliate/Partnered streamers? I noticed that Voting Studio (which uses Bits) is restricted to Affiliate/Partnered streamers and was wondering if that’s a choice or a result of using Bits. I’d rather not exclude the large amount of streamers that fall outside of this category, and having to create a Free and Premium version of the same extension.

If an extension uses bits in extensions. Then a non affiliate/partner will not be able to activate it

Which means if you want bits and not bits you’ll need two versions of the extension

In addition some partnered streamers might only want the free version anyway

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Alrighty, seems I’ll have to create two separate versions then. The part that uses Bits is completely optional and turned on/off by the streamer, so there’s no reason I can think of to use the Free version.