How to Limit Extension Installation to Affiliate/Partner Streamers Only

I have an extension that requires that the viewer use bits in order to use it, however a lot of streamers that are not affiliate or partner have installed it. Is there any way to disable their ability to install it? I have seen other extensions which cannot be installed by streamers that are not affiliate or partner, so I feel like it is possible. I just can’t find how to do it.

I have seen this post which asks how to allow bits-enabled extensions to be installed by non-affiliates/partners however I feel that this post is out of date.


Basically no, I don’t think so. The “legacy” bits flag would block that but thats phased out mostely.

Extensions should offer both bits and not bits enabled stuff. (Like a free tier) But you have to consider that a non affilaited streamer can become affiliated at any point. So they may install your extension ready for that.

You’d just have to include a client side check that uses the isBitsEnabled helper flag. And show alerts accordingly?

Thanks. That is what I suspected, but wanted to confirm.