Bot banned from Whispers?!

I have a bot, which sends out a message to users when a caster goes live. Over whisper.

The users who are the targets of this whisper have opted in to receive this whisper by whispering the bot.

As of about 10 hours ago it was working fine.

Right now, it can receive whispers but cannot send them.
I’ve tried different group chat servers, and logging into the website itself

As you can see BarryCarlyon can send to CohhCarnageIsLive.
But CohhCarnageIsLive cannot sent to BarryCarlyon.

Any thoughts as to what is up?
I swapped the bot to use a different oauth/username combo and whisper send/receive worked fine. So it seems to be the account?!

(Further more Popout chat is bugged to hell with whispers)

I think you get some type of feedback in the form of a v3 tag when a whisper block is in place. Check to see if you are seeing any of that.

Thats what I thought, as I am getting the odd “can’t send this whisper as the user changed their settings as such” I forget the actual wording.

But I’m getting nothing on whisper send to indicate a failure (I have the /commands CAP requested).

And trying to send in chat you’d expect something back like a global style disconnection.
I turned on dumping literally everything from the IRC server to log and getting nuffink useful

Bot sends:

5 Nov 00:33:29 - SEND: PRIVMSG #jtv :/w barrycarlyon barrycarlyon: testing

I get no response, and no arrived whisper.

If I try sending too quickly deliberately I’m getting: NOTICE #jtv :You are sending whispers too fast. Try again in a second.

But nothing at all when I “follow the rules”

I’m confused to fluff…

To update, fired up the bot as normal today.

Cohh went live, bot started it’s Whisper run.

Whispers “appeared” to send ok in the bot log.
But no whispers received on the other side.
No error responses in the bot log.

It seems that any whisper sent by the user CohhCarnageIsLive is dropped silently by the server?


I’ve had the exact same issue.
my bot is getting whispers. He can send them to the server perfectly fine:

1446737303708 :jb940! WHISPER botname :!testmessage
1446737305210 >>>PRIVMSG #jtv :/w jb940 Testmessage!

I had it with .w before (so a dot), just tried switching it. both used to work before.
edit image:

This is due to anti-spam measures we are working on. We are going to reevaluate how they work given your situation and several others with similar issues.


This makes sense. At least I’m not going COMPLETELY mad.

Thanks for letting me know!

A very large number of my users are reporting the same. All messages sent by the bot through whispers are being silently dropped without any feedback.

Any insight into new limits / ratio’s we should use would be very helpful.


Looks like the bot account whispers get shadowbanned for 24h.

We use the whisper function to inform people why they are moderated and for our chat currency system to keep the chat clean. Today it worked for about 2 hours, until the stream hit a few hundred viewers. I’ll log our whisperrate the next days and try to extract some data.


That’s the thing. I don’t think we are hitting the rate limit

Depending on how twitch implemented the filter it’s somewhat r9kish.

So you send a lot of of: you token is x

Swapping only the x

Our legitimate traffic looks identical to the targeted spam. We can’t win

Hey guys,

Please reply with your bot username (and your username). I’ll investigate and make sure that they are taken care of.

Thanks so much for all of your input, we are working on other measures that will not be as blanketed, but are looking out for users as much as possible.

Mine: BarryCarlyon
Known to be Faulted: CohhCarnageIslive, Cohhkittenbot
I may have a few others, but these are the known broken

I was having problems as well today with the shadowban
My username: bomb_mask
Bot’s username: TheMaskOfTruth

my username: alpinespielt
bot: m1nebot
channel: germandota

Thank you very much.

Mine: MattiSony
Bot: MattiBot
Thanks Aaron :slight_smile:

EDIT: Seems like it’s just a problem with whispers ATM and not a ‘ban’.

bot: botelo
my: Eligorko

Bot got shadowbaned a few days ago when enable whispers for the first time.

name: ashley66444
bot: smashbot_

We’ve been up and down with the whispers as well.


I have added those usernames to our list of users that are not affected by these specific anti spam controls.

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Name: PeekingBoo
Bot Account: Chat_Ghost (signed in through Ankhbot)

I have a series of commands that my bot responds with confirmations via whisper and as a result it has actually prevented the commands from working unless I take the responses off whisper. Not sure if it’s related to this but I’d rather cover my bases.

Name: Liekabauws
Bot Account: BauwsBot

I use this bot to manage a point system and a few other commands that reply via whisper in MushisGosu’s channel (a very popular LoL streamer). Saw this and was wondering if you couldn’t look into if the bot is affected or not :smile:
idk if it’s relevant but I’m using Ankhbot atm to manage the point system til I get my own up and running on my custom bot