Bot banned from Whispers?!

My Twitch username: MadMikeGamerXL1
The bot’s username: MadGamerBot
Thanks :slight_smile:


as shown before in the SS, my data:
Name: JB940
Bot name: Shadybotty

Thanks in advance!

My username: pajlada
Bot usernames: snusbot, wowsobot, botnextdoor, nevercoolnamebot, niconicobot, tyggbot

I’ve also created specific whisper-only accounts to work around the rate-limit in heavy traffic chats, not sure if you can/want/need to do anything about those, but I’ll list a few of those usernames as well just in case: snusbot1, snusbot2, snusbot3, snusbot4, snusbot5, wowsobot1, wowsobot2, wowsobot3, wowsobot4, wowsobot5, snusbot6, snusbot7, snusbot8, snusbot9, snusbot10, wowsobot6, wowsobot7, wowsobot8, wowsobot9, wowsobot10


Username: thejdubb02
Bot name: dubbbot

I have added the bots listed here thus far.

@pajlada I added several of the users you listed. You should be able to use just one account per bot. We will solve for that use case rather than you getting around our rate limits by making more than one account.


Username: FreddyOriginal
Bots: VoyScout and FreddyBot

I’m about to implement whispers atm. So, I just wanna be set when it’s done.

Here is a new one.

I think I’VE been shadowbanned…

Username: barrycarlyon

I think there should be at least an error message when Twitch drops messages. I only use whispers for my own needs ATM (so I’m not really afraid of hitting any limits) but there are really good uses for whispers to reduce spam in chat and when you drop the messages without telling anybody it makes it really hard for us devs to react on this.

Since I wouldn’t want to run into any issues either, and thank you xangold.
Username: streusei
Bot name: streuselbot

twitch username: HimeChar
twitch bot: PoodleClub
twitch channel: HimeChar

I’ve realised WHY I got shadow banned. My answer phone sends a auto reply message to anyone that messages me asking them which channel they are whispering about…

So the username: BarryCarlyon
should be added to the list please

Username: ArchonFreak
Bot: ArconBot

Thanks xan :smile:

Username: djkaty
Bot 1: JaraxxusBot
Bot 2: TwitchGateBot
Channel: djkaty

I don’t think they’re shadowbanned yet, but we use whispers with JaraxxusBot to register poll and guessing game entries, and with TwitchGateBot to indicate ban/timeout reasons. Would be nice not to have any problems :smile:

Best wishes,
Katy :smile:

Botname: nookys_cookiemonster ( atm unbanned but its just a matter of time ^^)
username / streamname: nookyyy

Even more oddly.

I was sending whispers fine at 1am UTC today

But now at 1pm UTC today I seem to be shadow banned again on my first whisper of the day, and my log says I did auto reply to anyone…


Can you add my bot as well?

bot: cinbot
name: keyeslol


Channel Name: ForwardForeverTV
Bot: ForwardBot

Thanks in advance!!

Channel Name: DreadfullyDespized
BotName: Dahauk

Thank you for your time!

Hello! My friend has a bot that keeps getting whisper banned and I just found this thread. If you could add it to the list that would be greatly appreciated!

Channel: ElPhezo
Bot account: ElPhezoBot


Twitch Username: Wito__Nightmare
Bot username: WiBot
My Channel: Wito__Nightmare