Bot being disconnected from chat server

I have a bot that listens to a large number of chats. It appears to be disconnecting from the chat service and not being able to reconnect.

I have contacted Twitch to try and get the bot verified thinking this was the issue, but they say my bot is not big enough?

I am using tmi.js

I split the bot to 3 instances, each listening to a maximum of 50 channels but this has not remedied the situation at all.

I am not getting any helpful error messages from tmi.js with the only message being a repeated Not connected to server.

It sounds like you are exceeding the message rate limits for IRC. These are the total rate limits across all channels, instead of the limits on a per channel basis. You will be banned for 30 minutes if you exceed either of the limits listed here:–message-limits

Also make sure you are properly replying to PING with PONG so you are not disconnected prematurely.

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