Bot messages being silently ignored if the account isn't modded?

So I spent the last couple of weeks trying to hunt down what was causing my bot to fail posting messages to a small percentage of chats that’s it’s connected to.

Long story short, I realized that messages are being ignored in channels where my bot is not a moderator. I don’t believe that this happens consistently because the problem seemed to come and go at random times, and something gets fixed with a reconnect.

So is there some new anti-spam feature that I am not aware of? I have looked over the github page and this forum and found nothing that mentions it.

Perhaps you are sending them to quickly in succession, or they are the exact copy of a previous one? Those are reasons jtv can drop your messages. Check your logs, jtv always provides the reason.

I tried just using the bot account on twitch and posting a message to the chat where the messages were being dropped. I could post messages normally and got no warning or notification. However, no one could actually see the messages, including myself on my normal account logged in with a different browser.

So sending too quickly or duplicates is not the problem. I have looked at the raw IRC logs and there’s nothing to indicate that messages aren’t going through.

The problem seems to only affect the bot account, because I can post messages with my normal account with no problem (same IP address).

As far as I’m aware, Twitch is not dropping messages from users. Did you ignore your bot by mistake? Try “/unignore bot_name” in chat on the account you’re viewing chat with. It’s also possible some browser extension you are using is hiding the messages.

The bot is definitely not ignored, I had multiple people in channel witness this happen. Again, can’t be the browser extension as multiple people experience it.

I can actually reproduce it consistently right now. The moment I unmod my bot in my channel, it’s messages no longer go through. I feel like I might be missing something obvious and going to feel like an idiot, but I can’t figure out what it could be. Come to if you have a minute, and see for yourself.


Can you give me some information like username(s) used so that I can investigate some? Thanks!

Sure. The bot’s account name is “vivbot”. Not sure what else could be useful.

It appears the account was being banned and timed out in numerous channels over a short period of time. I’ve reviewed it, and have ensured it should not happen again. I think this is the first case where we’ve seen a legitimate bot have this happen to it :smile:

I see, thank you very much for resolving the issue.

It’s strange that it would happen, considering only the owner of the channel can invite Vivbot to join their channel.

Again, very much appreciated.

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