Bot banned from posting unless it's a mod

Hello Twitch Staff,

I’m Adam, one of the creators of Revlobot ( We’ve been running now for about 6 months now, and sometime this weekend Revlobot suddenly appears to have been banned from posting unless it’s a mod in a users channel. We don’t appear to get any messages back from Twitch when we send a PRIVMSG.

It appears to be the same issue as discussed here:

If you could review this @xangold that’d be very much appreciated. I’m happy to provide any additional information as needed, if we’ve mistakenly run afoul of any limits.


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I am Revlobot user and if you need to do some testing I am available this week I’m traveling for work, more’m accessing my account normally. ( Channel PT-BR, Brazil
Praise: taking the opportunity to inform you that I think the Revlobot one fantastic tool, congratulations.

by Amanrj

another detail in this office should break for New Year holiday, then this should @xangold ff, more tomorrow must have possibility of your question answered.

Amanrj :piscada:

Thanks @Amanrj if we ever need any help testing I’ll make sure to message you :slight_smile:

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Hi @xangold

It appears Revlobot once again is only responding when it’s a mod in Twitch chat. I believe we’ve been added to a blacklist once again.

If there’s anything we can do on Revlobot’s side to avoid this happening please let me know! Or if you have any further questions for me I’m happy to make sure Revlobot isn’t causing problems with any limits.


And we’re good again

I am also having this issue with a simple chatbot I made using python. My twitch account is not being timed out yet the bot I am running via my account can’t post anything unless I am a mod of the channel. Is there a workaround?

Did you verify your bot accounts email @womanbeast are you consuming twitch chat error responses?

I’m pretty sure I’ve verified my “bot’s” email. I was just messing around using my one, main Twitch account.

@ahueniken This can happen if your bot got caught by our moderation filters. This is occasionally falsely triggered by bots. I have whitelisted yours so that this doesn’t happen to your account in the future.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Hello Xangold,
I’m a french developper and i’m working on a " sw-bot " for the game : Summoners War
We have created a special website this month ( ) but we have a big problem,
my bot send the good runes for a choosen mob in the chat, for example if i type !acasis, i receive all runes for acasis in my “whisper box”
But now, whispers are not working anymore, i already posted here : Bot banned from Whispers?! but no response …

Please help us we really need your help !

Sorry if it’s not the right place, and for my bad english…
Thank’s again for your futur help!

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