Bot stops sending whispers, but still receives them

My bot has recently being used by a couple streamers with 100+ viewers. To avoid spamming the chat, I’ve been using whisper to respond to users.

Things were working fine before, but earlier today, I found out that my bot stopped responding to any users by whisper. Responses that are sent to regular chat still work fine.

Whisper doesn’t work even if I manually log in the bot’s account using the website. Receiving whisper works, but no whisper is being sent out.

The bot is written in node using tmi.js.

This is likely a shadowban for going over the whispers limit. This can also happen if users report the bot as spam multiple times. I would recommend filing a ticket on to be considered for bot whitelisting. That will raise your rate limit (but not remove it).

Is there any callbacks / errors being fired when whisper is being dropped?

I emailed support a few days ago about this “whitelist” and received

Thank you for reaching out. We are not currently whitelisting bots for whispers.
One thing we strongly recommend doing for Chat Bots, is to enable 2FA for the account. Since the accounts are not “logged into” on a regular basis, it is always good to take precautions to ensure that the account is not compromised when you’re not checking on it regularly.
Please feel free to reach out if you have further questions or issues with the bot!”

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