Bot's getting muted from sending Whispers

So there are quite a lot of streamers that make their bot whisper their users when they use currency commands, minigame commands etc… But after a while when the bot tries to send a whisper it is not received by the targeted user. I wonder why this is does anyone have an explanation? It’s even following the 20 messages per 30 second rate limit.

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From my experience, even if the average whisper rate meets the 20 messages per 30 second guideline is met, whispers can sometimes still get dropped if there is a small cluster that get sent in rapid succession. The only thing that I could recommend is to find some constant rate at which no whispers are dropped after long periods of testing.

Whispers have separate rate limits and other additional spam protection that are not publicly disclosed for obvious reasons.

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Whispers are separate from IRC message/rate limit-wise for spam reasons. We don’t disclose how we determine spam so that people can’t game it. If your bot is being used by a lot of folks, file a whitelisting request with support.

Info: Are your whispers not going through for your bot?

@DallasNChains, Does the whitelisting request also apply for Application Developers? Seeing as the bot I’ve made is a program that users use to run their own bot. The account it’s using is completely up to the streamer so it’s not the same for every channel because people prefer to have a bot with a custom name.

It’s per-account so everyone would need to request it separately.

@DallasNChains How long is the average ban on whispers for bots? I just converted a few commands on my girlfriend’s community bot to be whisper only to reduce spam and we would like to be up and running again soon. I sent am email to support to be whitelisted.

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