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I have a quick suggestion about a feature that I think would make the viewing experience infinitely better than what it currently is. My idea is that broadcasters have the ability to upload their audio separately. For example, their voice audio, their in game audio, and then maybe background audio such as music.
From the viewers point of view, this would enable them to adjust the different volumes to their taste within their audio settings for that particular broadcaster. I believe that this would provide a better viewing experience because;

  • Viewers have the flexibility to adjust the volumes to their taste
  • Broadcasters will no longer have the issue of trying to find an audio setting that suits all of their viewers
  • Viewers are able to manipulate their volumes during the stream in order to satisfy their tastes at that particular time. For example, there are often times in streams that I would like to listen just to the voice of the streamer commentating and then listen to my own music without having any background noise from in game sounds or from their broadcasted music.
  • Future additions could include “Subscriber only audio” where the broadcaster may want to only speak to their subscribers and nobody else within the stream can hear unless they are subscribed.

Those are some of the benefits off the top of my head that I think could make the viewing experience and interaction between broadcasters and their viewers improved greatly. I would imagine that most of the issues that would evolve would be technically based and unfortunately I haven’t been able to comment on this as it is not something that I know a whole lot about.

If there is a better section to post this in, please do advise. I was unable to find a particular “Suggestions” section.

Many thanks,
Novak_uk - A frequent twitch user.

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