Broadcaster Extension OAuth ("Extension Capabilities").... gone?

Hey there.

About to start work on a new extension that’ll need a few permissions from the broadcaster to access some non-public details about the channel.

However, the whole extension OAuth permission thing seems to be gone.

When I set the scopes my extension needs, upon installing and activating it on the test-channel, nothing happens (there should be the OAuth popup).
There are no previous grants or connections on the channel/account I am testing with, at least nothing that shows up on “Settings => Connections” of the test-account.

Also the OAuth related extension API endpoints are gone from the docs.

What’s the state on this?

It was removed/disabled a few weeks ago due to a bug. Based on the email sent out to developers using the feature it sounds like it may not be returning:

There is an issue with a feature you have used within an extension: Request Broadcaster Permissions. This issue prevents Extensions from properly using this feature and blocks broadcasters from activating Extensions. Due to limited use of this feature, coupled with the fact that an extension can provide the same functionality within a configuration page, we have decided to disable this feature until further notice.

Alright, that sounds like it’s not only OK, but actually expected to go the “usual” route of OAuth using the workflows used for other apps?!

Works for me :slight_smile: