Broadcaster Notifications (how many viewers a host is sending)

Now we’ve probably all seen broadcaster notifications. Where we are informed in our chat that X has hosted us for X amount of viewers. And other 3rd party apps have to some extent harnessed this information.

What is the cleanest, most efficient way to get this information without a host being activated? Keeping the amount of requests to a minimum.

Basically I’m trying to see how many people are “viewing” my stream when i’m offline, by that, I mean if at any point I was to host someone, how many viewers would I be sending.

There is no way to check the number of people looking at your channel at any given time without actually hosting someone. You can do a very vague approximate by looking at the viewer list, but you have to keep in mind people lurking in the chat during off-hours often use chat-only clients, and most clients (other than the official website) don’t support the hosting feature.

sub ‘viewer list’ / ‘chatter list’

Viewers are anonymous. Chatters are the only thing you can see, and as ventic said, they can be afk, or chat only clients.

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