BUG: API returns wrong stream language

I’m trying to use twitch api (https://dev.twitch.tv/docs/api/reference#get-streams) to get current streams in my language (Polish). I was surprised that my stream is not on the list.
I think I have changed the language of a stream in every place I’ve found it. On the channel page (bugged, does not save changes) and in the dashboard (this works). I can see my stream is listed in polish when I browse streams by language. But the API still shows me as English.
See the picture (https://snag.gy/ZSPfso.jpg) for reference. Any idea where else I should change my language?

I have also described the issue here: https://redd.it/7aj3v8
before I’ve found this place.

The stream language according to Twitch is the language that you choose from the home page. This is the language returned in the get-streams endpoint.

Screen Cap

The language that you choose from the dashboard is considered to be the “video” language, since this is what is returned in the get-videos endpoint.

If you need a complete list of the language codes, here are the stream language and the video language enums from my library.

thanks for the reply. The “solution” works. My stream is now reported with the intended language.

The reason I quoted the “solution” is because it makes absolutely no sense.

The language I have just changed is my interface language. Now my entire twitch is in polish which I don’t want. Makes no sense to tie my “stream” language to my “interface” language does it?

Also consider the picture (https://snag.gy/mYpvbu.jpg). The title, the game id, communities all are setup in the same place and are directly correlated with what API returns (which is ofc an expected behavior).
Also the viewer count, started time and status are also somehow related to the current stream.

Furthermore. The language of a current stream is later (correctly) saved into “videos” and correctly returned with get-videos endpoint.

If i now change my interface language to Polish (pl). Make a stream in English (en) if I call get-streams I get “pl” (which is wrong!) but the very same video will be later available via get-videos with the correct language of “en”.

This is obviously a bug in the API.

It doesn’t make much sense to me either, but we just have to deal with it for now. I’d say this is by design though, because this is the same behavior from the Kraken API.

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