[Bug] Reworked /streams endpoint bugs out on client_id param

So apparently after the /streams endpoint got recently rewritten it no longer takes a client_id parameter.

It acts like “normal”, but shows the stream as offline when it’s really online.


Looks like this is a reoccurring bug, which broke again recently

Yes, Ive been reporting this for years now, but yeah it just isn’t getting fixed.

The ‘client_id’ parameter only shows streams from applications of client_id.


I am well aware, but the the previous state of the endpoint also had that parameter, and yet it didn’t break when sending your own client_id like you’re supposed to with every request to the API.

Sending the “client_id” parameter as a http-header with every request is not possible for all browsers and JSONP, thus making this parameter name-crash rather stupid.

If you set API version to 2, it will ignore the parameter. Maybe that’s what you were experiencing?


Ah yeah, that’s it. The new /streams endpoint doesn’t support the “api_version” parameter to set the version like all the other endpoints, so it’s always returning the newest version (version 3)

https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/moocat?api_version=1 gives version 1
https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/streams?channel=bobross&api_version=1 gives version 3

Should be fixed now

Confirmed. Thanks a bunch <3

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