Can a streamer download/get access to his chat logs?

Hello. I am planning to make an application for streamers, that would require the full chat log of their VoD and parse it through. I found out that right now twitch streamers and moderators have access to their chat logs to search for messages of a user. Is there any way to get a full log of all messages made in a single streaming session of yours?

There is no API for obtaining historical chat logs.

You’d have to collect and store in real time from Chat.

So basically my only hope is through chat bots that save logs or 3rd party chat things like Chatty?


That sucks, I wanted something working on it’s own. Maybe it’s possible to make a log of chat through online playing the vod and capturing messages automatically.

That would be a violation of the Developer Agreements and potentially Twitch TOS.

I see

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