Can i see sample extension frontend and backend?

Hello there,
I am Junior Front end Developer in Korea.

I have read extension document and I have many questions.
one of them, i can not understand why - how config’s data moves to viewer page.

I tried to find sample or example code in github, but it was not. github does not have example public repository.

anyone know where i can get some reference codes?

my test extension github respository src is… thats.

Depending on what config you need to send. The easiest thing to do is to perform a http get/post after the page/extension loads to your ebs (or when the user authenticates)

This can be done by jQiery arbitrarily. But use whatever is framework or pure JavaScript you like.

Excuse berevity. Posting from mobile.

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i want to throw 3~4 text type inputs and 2 select tags. (have string type value) and then i want to show these inputs value on viewer.

so, now am i have to make ebs (make a backend language like php, asp) and upload my hosting and send it to the viewer?

i made most front end pages markup and scripts, but i do not know how to proceed next.

im so sorry that my english is NOT GOOD…
i look foward to reply you soon.


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Yes, you’ll have to write an EBS, host it somewhere, and then perform web requests like @BarryCarlyon mentioned. For example, here’s my setup:

  • Flask script (Python) that can receive web requests, hosted on Amazon
  • HTML file for frontend that contains elements that can display the received data
  • JS file that contains the logic for the web requests

How it works for me (during testing):

  1. I open the HTML page, which triggers a JS function asking for streamer information
  2. The JS function makes a GET request to my EBS, the Flash script
  3. The Flask script receives the GET request, sees that it ask for streamer information
  4. Executes a function that gets the streamer information from my database, and returns that as a response to the web request.
  5. The JS function that was called gets the streamer information as a response
  6. It updates the HTML elements to show that information