Cannot register application

As per this old post Cannot register new Application; The problem still exists. Even if you don’t include “Twitch” in the app name. When entering form details and clicking enter these console errors are dislayed;

dev-main-0f74b3b6b7d9440ca713.js:1 [GraphQL] One or more GraphQL errors were detected on request 01HE69TB2YS7EA8CZS8ZRAX78T. CreateOauthApp: service error [{…}]

vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: service error
at new t (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:424322)
at vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:404527
at n (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:381525)
at vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:381450
at new Promise ()
at Object.then (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:381416)
at (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:381535)
at x (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:444712)
at _ (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:445218)
at (vendor-834995515840d3db3cbe.js:1:445751)

Resolved this by removing the space between the 2 words of my application name. A little front end validation would go a long way here devs.

It is a known/reported issue that app creation doesn’t surface naming errors

names have to be unique and cannot contain Twitch

Or spaces :grinning:

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