Cannot register new Application

Trying to register a new Application, and clicking “Register” results in nothing happening, but this appears in the javascript console:

[GraphQL] One or more GraphQL errors were detected on request 01GR9SZQ2N9BF39TBGA4K0Y8HZ. CreateOauthApp: service error

My email is verified, I’m not sure what I need to do to get this working. Any tips?

Maybe also relevant here, if I log out and log back in I am always pushed back into the oauth flow, and it says “Twitch Developer - wants to access your account”, and has the Authorize/Cancel buttons there.

I click Authorize, get sent to the console page, but still can’t create an Application.

This started working now, I just kept logging in and out and suddenly it worked!

I’m having this same issue, and I’ve logged in and out very many times to no avail

Figured out my issue, apparently in an application you cannot have the word “Twitch” in the name, even though the form doesn’t show any issues and just does nothing when you try and create an app


thank you, i’ve had same issue, no specified error, just genearal message: "service error". Removed “Twitch” from app name and app was created :clap:

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Removing “twitch” from app name is what made it work for me, thank you!

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