Capture RAID information

Hi there,

I’m looking forward to “recognize” when a channel raided another channel.

I’m not finding means to capture that in TMI.

Could someone give me some hint or path to follow?

I would like to capture in REAL TIME if the Channel where I’m /MOD had executed a RAID and to whom… I thougth that I could do that since as a MOD I can see other commands issued by others in the chat.

Hope I was able to explain myself.

See Raid under

Look for USERNOTICE of msg-id raid

Example message

@badge-info=;badges=turbo/1;color=#9ACD32;display-name=TestChannel;emotes=;id=3d830f12-795c-447d-af3c-ea05e40fbddb;login=testchannel;mod=0;msg-id=raid;msg-param-displayName=TestChannel;msg-param-login=testchannel;msg-param-viewerCount=15;room-id=56379257;subscriber=0;system-msg=15\sraiders\sfrom\sTestChannel\shave\sjoined\n!;tmi-sent-ts=1507246572675;tmi-sent-ts=1507246572675;turbo=1;user-id=123456;user-type= USERNOTICE #othertestchannel

Checking what I have on file for outbound raids (as I misread your post initially, need more coffee)

UPDATE: You should be grab outbound raids from the moderation PubSub topic

See chat_moderator_actions

OK… this info will be present on the channel that “received” the raid… which could be a random channel.
My main point here is to be a moderator of a channel and capture when a RAID has been performed but looking for that into the SOURCE channel not in the Destination channel.

See my update regarding the pubsub topic for moderation events

Reading that… not able to identify what I need so far… let me read that carefully once again…

If you are a mod
You can generate an access token for yourself
Then use the chat topic of chat_moderator_actions.yourID.channelID
Then when someone in channelID starts a raid you will get a message along the lines of


*example message is an example and may not match what pubsub currently sends

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Yeah… I’m a mod and I do have the access token…

I will try the chat topic of chat_moderator_actions.yourID.channelID

Keep you posted.

Hey! Me and @CrazySpy implemented PubSub in our app the way you said and it works like a charm, every chat command. Thanks!

I wonder if there is a way to capture outbound raids that are fired through the twitch dashboard…
Our use case is a group of streamers and we really need to know when a member perform a raid to a channel that isn’t part of our group.

I’d of thought that would fire a chat_moderator_actions event on pubsub but I have not tested to confirm.

Unfortunately doing it through the dashboard doesn’t fire anything in the PubSub or IRC… At least nothing that i could found.
Capturing chat commands with pubsub and joining the target channel in IRC to capture the raid event being completed will have to do for now. Thanks for the great help on the pubsub

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Raid requires channel editor. Not channel moderator, so it probably won’t be on any of the moderation endpoints.

Then how did I log it via PubSub?

Sounds like a bug with triggering the event via dashboard. As when the new dashboard was launched, it did spontaneously not send events triggered from the dashboard. So it’s likely a bug/overlook.

I believe that to fire a raid you do need to be a channel editor. I’m looking only to receive the raid event, no need to perform any action on the channel. I think i should be able to do that even without any permission in the channel…

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