Channel problem Dev and Affiliate program

Hello everyone!
So as the title says i have a problem with the affiliate program. Recently (just more than 1 week ago the 20th of August) i achieved the “Path to Affiliate”, but as some of my friends told me i should have received an email for that time, and unlocked a tab called “Partner/Affiliate” under the Moderation one (as also is shown in the Twtich affiliate FAQ page).
The problem is that i didn’t receive the email and the only tab under Moderation it’s “Extension Developer” and if i click it there is the “Onboarding” with some information that i have to fill it with (anagraphic and payout). So it seemed all good (except for the email) and also i don’t know if that “Extension Developer” tab was there even before, at the time i registered my account (Greenjack90) as a Dev.
Btw 1 week passed and i got confused, if i was invited to the affiliate program i should already have the subs unlocked for this time (i filled up the info and payout requirements, but i have been told that it should be an immediate process, so not that much time to wait to see subs activated), then i checked on some threads here, about Affiliate program invitation while having a Dev account, and i felt more confused cause there were some different answers.
That’s why i’m here writing, hoping for support help asap, i still don’t know if:
a) it’s possible to have a Dev account and beign invited to the affiliate program (and maybe one day also to the partner one)
b) if it’s possible what do i have to do since @jbulava in one post (Extension and affiliate) told the guy that "Completing the extension developer onboarding does not provide access to the affiliate program. You still need to complete the program requirements to become a Twitch Affiliate. I don’t rly understand what the program requirements are, so sry jbulava if u could help me i’ll rly rly appreciate that (i don’t understand since the link that u posted, send to the “joining the affiliate program” the same page that i mentioned before that i checked, basically i see “Affiliate Elegibility” on the top and i checked all the requirements; as i said i achieved the Path to affiliate, the second one is “Becoming an Affiliate” and it tells that u have to complete some info pages asking for angraphic and payout method to be filled up, and i did this too but it was the “Extension Developer”, but it seemed to be the same requirements as for the affiliate).
c) it seems to be just a time requirement thing, so that i just have to wait since i can only have one “Onboarding” at the time, and once the Dev will be accepted i will be able to “upgrade” it to the affiliate one (since the invitation it’s like blocked for me at this time, and that’s why i didn’t received the email yet). One guy said that it’s a 2-3 weeks waiting time to upgrade; the problem here is: was the “Extensions Developer” tab already there in the dashboard?, or it unlocked once i completed the achievement “Path to Affiliate”, cause i didn’t notice it before, and also what’s the meaning of the “Onboarding” for Devs since i saw when i was searching for this problem, that Dev could make money too in some way with Extensions…

Anyway thanks for the time, hoping for a clearifing answer asap

Onboarding is like applying for a job. You build apps or extensions you get paid! :slight_smile:

Ok that’s cool, that answers the Onboarding meaning for Dev accounts, but i’m gonna wait to know if is possibile to have also affiliate (and one day even partner) and is just a time problem, beign like too impatient.
Thanks for the quick answer tho :slight_smile:

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But i will say the tax work part of the onboarding is giving me troubles. Keep having to redo it, due to my address?

Ye i got some problems too, and had to re do it few times cause the Country on the 1st page wasn’t the same of 3rd page, also the Region part, watch out for that cause it could be a problem too if all the info are not the same

Yup I had that issue and my street address. Even though I put it in right a few times. Well good luck to you! I will try again another day.