Channel/streamer search

Almost a year ago I posted a feature request for channel search - the ability to search for channels/streams by username, stream title, etc. The current search functionality is woefully inadequate, and I have a long-standing feature request in my app that I’m unable to fulfill due to having no adequate search available.

When I posted this originally, it went into “planning” fairly quickly, but has sat untouched since then (though about 6 months ago @mpoon said it would be high priority) . Could you please prioritize this? I have about 140k users that would appreciate it =)

Original Topic:

You likely won’t see this implemented for a long (long) time… If you want a quicker solution I’d dive into the source of Twitch’s /search page, in which case you’d notice they poll a third party search engine called swiftype to get their data. I don’t think they’d mind you polling it for your app, at least temporarily (until they build their own), but you may want to check with a staff member first.

Any chance I can get a Twitch staff reply on this? It’s been really aggravating not having this.