Chat emotes endpoint not working for v5, example badges

GET gives no correct information for badges found on

Example for Dansgaming:


Which is some very old pictures, not even found on

Where are the correct badges / emotes found on twitchemotes?

It’s not documented but this is what I use.<channel_id>/display


Thanks. Typical. Is there a proper working endpoint too for all channel emotes?

Yes and no.

You already linked it.

As documented, V5 supports querying by emoteset eg.

and also supports comma separated lists:,24414,24415

You can get emote/emoteset information like so:

which should list every available emote as well as its corresponding emoteset.

A single channel will usually have multiple active emotesets, as with the tiered example above, while an increasing number of sets don’t belong to a channel product at all. The current Kraken API doesn’t map the emoteset ID -> channel name relationship in the way you’re thinking. This is something you would either have to do yourself, as others have done before you, or with credit to if using their API.

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