Chat websockets unsecured?

Is there any reason why the HTML 5 chat is using unsecured websockets instead of tls wrapped ones? (Using cleartext ws:// instead tls wrapped wss://)

My local firewall and routing policies prevent unsecured websockets from working, so this is currently killing html5 chat for me. wss:// websockets work fine however.

TLS adds overhead to servers/connections which is something twitch is currently struggling with.

As far your local policy, is it specifically websockets or enforcing HTTPS everywhere?

Specifically unsecured websockets. Connecting through IRC works fine.

This seems bazaar to enforce TLS/HTTPS for websockets but not general web traffic

From what I’ve seen, Twitch has been testing secure websockets recently with their darklaunch chat system. They promised secure websockets and IRC down the road, so maybe once this feature is done being tested it will actually be ready for release.

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