Chatbot unable to send message

Hello everyone, I need help. I created a chatbot in PHP, it can read messages, but when I send, it does not appear on channel chat stream. I am using simple socket_write PHP function. please help.

Check the following

  • the token you are using has chat:edit scope
  • you are sending a PRIVMSG to #channelname not #ChannelName channels are all lower case
  • use raw logging to log all messages sent by the server
  • your lines end in CLRF (which socket_write might handle for you I don’t recal off hand)
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Thank you Barry, you saved me. I missed #channelname, I was using channelname without #.

Can you also help me with, how I can get user detail who is sending messages.

Parse the incoming IRC Log line and tokenise.

Then extract what you need.

Thanks Barry. This solved my puzzle.

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