Check if user is a subscriber


I am developing an extension where I need to check if a user is a subscriber or not. I am already doing this by using the Twitch API:

By looking a bit more the documentation, I found out that there is: Twitch.ext.viewer.subscriptionStatus which should technically do the exact same thing but in this case in the frontend.
I tried using it but I can’t manage to make it work. It seems that I need to enable “Subscription Status” option for my extension on the Twitch developer site but I have no idea where to do it.

Is this option still available or is it deprecated ?

Thanks !

In your extension dashboard, click manage next to an in-development version of your extension, then go to the Monetization tab and there should be a setting for “Subscription Support BETA”

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:sweat_smile: I didn’t think that I could be in the monetization tab. Thanks !