isSubscriptionStatusAvailable false while testing


I enabled the “Subscription Status” option on my extension but I am still getting twitch.ext.features.isSubscriptionStatusAvailable as false on my channel in local test.
Is it because my channel is not in affiliate program ?
If yes, how can I test it then ?

thats correct

I’m testing it on a partnered channel, but I’m also building it for said channel.

If isSubscriptionStatusAvailable is true

Then the response for sub status is either false/not an object or a payload with the tier in it:

        let tier = false;
        try {
            let { subscriptionStatus } = window.Twitch.ext.viewer;
            tier = subscriptionStatus.tier;
            console.log('Status is', tier);
        } catch (e) {
            tier = false;

Thank you.
One more thing: Documentation says, tier possibles values are “1000”, “2000”, “3000”. Is that true ? Seems odd since I receive values like { subscriber: “0” } from non subscriber with my chat bot.

The documentation is correct

Chat != Extensions

The Chat “subscriber” flag is deprecated. Please use badges.

The deprecated Chat “subscriber” flag doesn’t return tier information.

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I know this is not related to the extension topic but while we are talking about that…
Chat badges also does not return tier information, right ?
I must call /user/{userId}/subscriptions/{channelId} to get the sub plan, right ?


Official supported endpoints for Subscriptions is here:

For new API

for v5

I am going to create a new post since this is not related, thank you.