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I am unaware if this is possible with a script using the API. I am developing a minecraft server for a friend that streams and I would like to have a script that runs and checks if a certain profile is subbed to him or not.

Also I am unsure of a solution but I would like to have some sort of bot in twitch chat that would allow users to run a command followed by their minecraft username which we could then compare to the subbed users list and run certain commands in our server. I would prefer if this was possible without any work having to be done on the streamers side just incase there are issues that I need to fix and he wouldnt be available. Is this even possible? Are there already solutions to this? Thanks in advance!

Helix, broadcaster auth needed:

Kraken V5, user auth needed

I used to do the same but a bit more in depth by also poking yggdrasil

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Is there any chance you could go a little more in depth on this. If I understand correctly I need to have access to the said channels account in order to generate a token with the two things needed? I am very new to this and dont fully understand scripting or how exactly I would get this working the way I need it too. Also is there anyplace on this forum where I could possibly hire someone to create a program for me relating to my needs here?

There are two ways to obtain subscriber data.

One is via a Token representing a user and you lookup if a user is subscriber.

user to channel

Or you obtain a token from the broadcaster and lookup subscribers that way round

channel to user

Both ways have merits.

First you need to do have setup a oAuth handler to create the authentication keys you need

Whether thats a User Token or a Broadcaster token, it doesn’t matter The flow is the same. Just the scopes are different

once you have a oAuth key, you can then perform the subscriber check using either of the two references I linked to earlier. And then cross reference that with your storage of minecraft names and update the Whitelist accordingly additionally cross checking with yggdrasil if you want.

If you didn’t want to custom a solution, there are a few Minecraft mods that’ll do it for you, but this can be done via Vanilla without any need to use Mods.

Not on the forums no, we have a looking for devs on the Twitch Dev Discord

Thank you for going more in depth, this is slightly related but do you know if I am added as a channel editor on my friends stream if I will be able to access as them? I want to do this for them without them having to do anything. Is this possible?


Channel Editor provides no access to as another user.

No, if you intend to use broadcaster auth, you will need the broadcaster to perform the oAuth authentication at least once.

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