Checking sub plan

I try to get “sub_plan” and “sub_plan_name”, but when i use:<id_user>/subscriptions/<id_channel>?oauth_token=<token>

i get:

    created_at: "2017-07-22T18:39:12Z",
    _id: "5b846c183e711aa1b4157efea1cb205b2971efe0",
    _links: {...},
    channel: {...}

And I do not get the parameters that I need (“sub_plan”, “sub_plan_name”)
What am I doing wrong?

Problem solved!

You just need use this one:

Yeah you are on API v3 which is the current default.

Either do what you have done passing token and version as a query string argument, or pass them as header arguments;

curl -H 'Accept: application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json' \
-H 'Authorization: OAuth cfabdegwdoklmawdzdo98xt2fo512y' \

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