Cheermotes Documentation?


Will there be any Cheermotes documentation in the future? Currently the documentation here, seems outdated now?

bits, if present, means the user used this amount of cheer/bits. All instances of /(^|\s)cheer\d+(\s|$)/ should be replaced with the appropriate emote:, where
THEME is light or dark
TYPE is animated or static
COLOR is red for >= 10000 bits, blue for >= 5000, green for >= 1000, purple for >= 100, or otherwise gray
SIZE is a digit between 1 and 4.

Most are now lost because of the new emote cheers, such as kappa1, kappa100 etc.


That certainly needs to be updated with the new emotes. Is there something else it is missing? Just want to make sure I have a clear picture. Also, you can also call the bits/actions endpoint to get URLs to the GIFs. See this thread: Cheermote images

Nope I dont think anything else is missing. So mainly it’s the regex that needs to be updated I guess.

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