Clarifying Upcoming Changes to Twitch's Embed Player

We’ve heard whispers of changes on the horizon for Twitch’s Embed Player, and it’s crucial that we gain a comprehensive understanding of what’s in store. The success of our channels, websites, and applications heavily relies on the seamless integration of Twitch’s features. Therefore, we must be well-prepared for any upcoming modifications that could impact embedding.

Having a clear, concise picture of what’s on the horizon is essential to plan for a smooth transition if it becomes necessary.

We kindly urge Twitch to provide an official announcement as soon as the details of these changes are finalized. This will empower developers, streamers, and the entire Twitch community to make informed decisions and adapt accordingly.

We see the first update has been posted here: Update Regarding Twitch Video Embed Autoplay Functionality

The following is very open to interpretation “substantive or meaningful component of the page”

Are you guys going to define this stuff or will be it left up in the air?

We are assuming this will be in regards to the Player Dimension / Size / Top Fold etc ?

Also NOV 1 to find out if we are effected, and then NOV 15 deadline feels to quick for a change this big - more time is required based on what the specific requirements are …


Hey twitter_accounts,

Thanks for your post about this update. Please email with your questions. Thanks!

What’s wrong with a open forum for Q & A?

Like is this change only effecting a handful of domains or is it across everything…

I think this is a question many will like to know…

And what about domains that are 3rd party like Blogspot, Wordpress or other free to use blog type of services?

I assume that “substantive or meaningful component of the page” means that the embedded player should not be located instead of an advertising banner somewhere in the sidebar or footer on the site, but should be in the center of the page along with other main content. For those who place the player somewhere to the side, the ability to autoplay without sound will be disabled.

The concept of a ‘substantive or meaningful component’ is subjective, as one person may consider something substantive while another may not."

“This discussion hinges on whether AUTOPLAY should be universally disabled or selectively targeted at domains with high view counts + Small Embed Dimensions.”

“If Twitch opts for a universal AUTOPLAY disable, it can easily be circumvented by users switching to platforms like YouTube, which does not restrict Autoplay.”

“In such a scenario, Twitch may experience the negative consequences, while third-party services remain unaffected.”

Especially since Simulcasting is now available.

Autoplay should be perma-disabled, I wrote about this problem in detail in a this uservoice

What you do not understand is that because playing embed counts to viewcount on Twitch it moves the “abusers” to the top of the directory over people who actually deserve that spot. No one gives a single bit of damm about third-party websites in long term, it’s about where they are displayed on Twitch.

The previous CEO tweeted the following:

" @eshear
Twitch used to have this same dynamic very badly. We presented streams for discovery, sorted by popularity. So the most popular stream was always the top stream in the directory, creating a serious positive feeback cycle. Now we use recommendations, which spread the love better."

The Directory Placement problem was already solved via recommendations.

People who are embedding, a live stream, do it so its Live + Playing, not so that it acts like a Video/Vod.

The only thing I would agree is that views from 3rd party Autoplay Embeds get segmented in some way that allows for transparency.

In the early days we had the /embed command that kind of showed this …

I also think your pushing a narrative with this whole “abusers” theory.

Anyone can put a Autoplay Twitch Embed on a webpage, on Billions of Webpages and it yields nothing… Where its embedded requires content and content that is engaging in some capacity.

The Top Embedder(s) basically the ones that are being targetted, have the biggest “communities” of audience which the current “CEO” likes to say Twitch is all about …

Instead of taking a harsh and quick action, Twitch should work with the Top Embedders to bring more of their 3rd party community into the platform.

“Tell me you don’t understand the issue without telling me you don’t understand the issue.”

Yea, no. & No one uses “recommended” everyone goes to a specific category and sorts by view count. Twitch does not have discoveribility, its content on external websites that bring to Twitch livestream.

No, top “embedders” are the problem, toxic abusers of functionality placing embeds with a stream where its not related to the game that is played at all. Chat is dead, no community is there, its abuse of people who just go to websites to find something. No one gives a shit about “joining” a community cause because of its placement of it its not even known it exists.

Wants to have open Q&A, does not listen, and tries to throw an agenda of “BUT THINK OF 3RD PARTY”

If you are so about 3rd parties how about you go away from Twitch and make your own streaming platform then? I wanted to give you a chance but you are not even worth discussing with.

As you just said, “Twitch does not have discoverability, its content on external websites that bring to Twitch livestream.”

Good to hear that, because if you believe this, then PLACEMENT on a Directory does not matter at all. Which is the core of what people have been complaining about in regards to embedding.

Twitter, Facebook, Reddit Feeds is Full of Embeds of stuff that isnt 100% connected with the “Community” or User, they show Ads, they show embedded 3rd party content which gets “views”…

There is nothing toxic about placing a Embed as a Advertising Unit showcasing your Live stream to your Wiki, your content or whatever else.

If a Twitch Users goes to any channel, and they dont like the chat because its “dead” - take a guess what they do? Switch to another channel that they find and like…

What does having a community or chat have any meaning to embeds… Twitch still will allow embedding, Autoplay or Not, nothing changes in this regards.

This isn’t really great advice when the response time from that email is longer than the deadline. I’ve been waiting 10 days already with no reply and one of my domains is now showing the warning and I have no idea what exactly is expected to be back in compliance.

“We have received your message and we appreciate your patience while our response time is slower than usual until we have dedicated staff to support developers via email.”

Other sites, even larger sites, with exactly the same implementation of their embed do not show the warning. So I’m just very confused abou the whole situation and any clarification would be appreciated.

Right now it looks like arbitrary manual action against a few, selected domains and nothing I change has so far gotten rid of the warning.

We have the same issue…

If your EMBED is on the Top Fold, in the correct size, not hidden, and is Operated by the Content Creator…

This new policy should not apply…

Any how if Twitch DEVELOPER Email does not respond, we are switching out for another live stream provider…

Because in the end, Twitch Needs US, We do not need Twitch.

Hello everyone,

As of today, we believe all email inquiries have received a response. If that is not the case for anyone responding in this thread, please let us know. Thank you.


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