Clicking on EMOTES in Firefox browser bugs out

Been watching for around 2 years and this is probably the first time it happend, probably because I didn’t use google chrome but firefox instead.

Problem is when I was on a slow computer with firefox and I clicked emotes it took a long time to loads emotes around 10 sec sometimes it also freezes the browser my suggestion is to load the emotes before even opening it like right after you open someones stream.

I don’t think this is the place to report bugs, but I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with it.

This site is a forum for third-party developers, not end-users like you, so I suggest to contact Twitch Support here or on Twitter or post it in the /r/Twitch subreddit and include a “Tech Support” flair with your post.

@TrainerTimmy is right. Support will be the best place to help you with this issue.

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