How to get more emotes?

Hell i am wondering how to add more emotes :smile:
Like if i had like a website with the images of emotes how would i allow users to use them

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Further questions should be sent to /r/Twitch or Twitch Help, this is the Twitch Developer Forums.

Iwant to know how to make a browser extension like bttv

Then I suggest you read tutorials about this. It also requires that you learn JavaScript, so you need to learn some as well. There are great tutorials and books out there, all you need is research.

What you need to do later, is find a way of replacing text within the chat window with an img-tag that represents your emote. But you should not try to copy-paste a solution, no one wants to use an extension where the developer doesnโ€™t know how to solve bugs.

Good luck! :smile:

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