Clips showing slowly

Hi, I used an iframe to show the clips on the website but when the user views this it will take time to load the clip. Anyone can help to load the clip faster? Here is the iframe which I’m using:


When I use the youtube video link then it loads instantly.

No. You have no power/ability to modfiy this behaviour

Twitch takes as long as Twitch takes.
YouTube takes as long as YouTube takes.

Depending on cross domain issues, I’m sure you can load the video of the clip directly and show it in the browser.

Twitch’s iframes have always been incredibly slow with poor performance, so if you want to load fast then using your own solution would be best.

Could also look at using the Embed API instead of manual/“dumb” iFrames

Make sure to only include the JS once if you are including many clips on a single page.

Might also be raising a bug report or feature request to request improvements. if you can’t make any improvements after apply some basics/alternative.

I previously used embed api but with that I was only able to play the full video instead of only clip. Can you please tell me that if I use embed api then how I can play only clip instead of full video.

uses the “non interative” mode, sorry, not the JS logic (my monday pre coffee answer). Everywhere doesn’t do clips either.

So yeah it’s “many dumb” iFrames, but if you are building a player where you pick a clip to play you can dispaly a list and just use JS to swap the URL, but that should perform better than having many iFrames on the page.

I’m using Non-Interactive IFrames for Clips in a dynamic way but they are very slow. Firstly player will show the blank and after few seconds it shows the clip. That’s the issue. But if I use Interactive Frames for VODs then it works fine.
Is this slow speed is from the Twitch side?

It would seem so. Clips just take longer to load compared to Vods

Might wanna raise a bug or feature request like I already advised.

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