Collections error 400 but sending client id

I’m new using this API and cant find the answer to this error.
When i try to get a collection i get a 400 error but i’m using client_id example:
error “Bad Request”
status 400
message “No client id specified”

I can get video channles, videos, etc with no error, only happens in collections!

What am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced!

Change & to ?

? is the start of the query string
& separates multiple parameters in said string

If you get a 404 afterwards make sure you are sending the correct version header.


Thanks for your reply.
Looks like the problem is when i send the php string. I tried using terminal and curl cmd’s and it worked.
I just dont know whats the query string format to use in this case:

Is there any PHP docs or examples?

Thanks in advanced!

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