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I want to know is it allowed to create tools which ask user to enter some Captcha when they following you and if they ignore they get banned. I want to do it because there are a big amount of bots and Twitch by himself can’t handle them

Whilst I don’t think it violates the TOS/ROC

It’s grossly impractical.
Theres no sensible way to be able to get the capctha to everyone who would follow.

if I do a shoutout on my channel to your channel, how do you get the captcha to anyone clicking the follow button at the top of chat. And don’t say whispers because whispers have limits.

All you’ll end up doing is banning 90% of people that follow as they’ll either not see the captcha, think it’s a spam message or just not recieve it in the first place.

The value of a follow is next to zero so what you are trying to do will just harm the channels using this more than help it.

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The value of a follow is that russian bots subscribe to the channel to recommend their channels to Ukrainians in “VIEWERS ALSO WATCH” and maybe other places. Thanks for answer about TOS.

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