Component extension is invisible in small iframe + mouse event

Brief Description
when a component extension is smaller than a certain threshold(guess 600px) and trigger mouse event upon it, then it gets transparent.
(still elements are there. I can see through dev tools)

How to reproduce
Set any component extension on a stream and resize video/browser size so that iframe size is shrunk responsively.
Then click any button on the extension -> invisible.
resize bigger -> visible
resize smaller again -> trigger mouse event -> invisible.

Expected Behavior
The contents inside an iframe should not become transparent.

Sounds like this issue

Same issue. But I think its not because of localStorage. Hope this issue will be resolved…
Need help😢

All I can tell you is the issue is filed, so we are waiting for Twitch to respond and fix. I’m just another dev like you

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Got it! Sorry, I’m new to this forum :wink: