Blurried iframe [Extension]

Hello guys!

Is it normal that if i apply the ‘auto scaling’ the extension goes blurried?

Is there any fix to this?
I’m not that good with pixel scaling and stuffs.

Thanks a lot.

Basically yes. When it gets super small or super big then it’ll get weird:tm:

You could make your extension not use auto scaling instead and then it’s a “fixed” size instead.

So you’ll just need to fiddle with it to get it to how you want it

With “fiddle with it” you mean to use, for example, media queries to handle the responsiveness?

An extension in compoent mode is fixed dimensions.
And either the whole iframe is zoomed, or it isn’t. To CSS the iframe is awlays the same size
So you can’t apply media queries to a component


Using Backdrop-filter will broke the render of the children elements:

<div class='parent'>
    <div class='children'>
    <div class='children'>
    <div class='children'>
    // ...
    backdrop-filter: blur(1rem);
    // ...

Using this pattern, all children will be blurred (not aliased) when the scale property is applied.

I didn’t find a solution yet. But, this is it.