CORS headers on video

I have had a look for this elsewhere but couldn’t see it. The question is more aimed at Twitch Devs and is pretty much a feature request.

Currently no Cross Origin Headers are added to any part of HLS streams. (.ts or .m3u8 ). The result of this is to stream HLS to a player on a different site video must first be proxied.

Is there any reason that CORS headers aren’t set for the streams? Could we expect to see them at any point in the future?




IIRC, the m3u8 HLS playlists aren’t available because using them would bypass features like ads, and would violate the terms of service. Last I checked, HLS support on desktops was severely lacking.

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I’d suspect Bufutda is correct. If you want to embed a Twitch stream you have to use one of the provided players, either Flash or HTML5.

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The only problem with the HTML5 embeddable player is that there is no way to control the playback.

Can you clarify what you mean by “no way to control the playback”? The HTML5 player should have a play/pause button and volume control just like the Flash player.

There’s quite a few methods on the player. I think there is also around 5 that are undocumented.

The only way to have the HTML5 media player on a 3rd party site is to have in an iframe. There is no way for the 3rd party site to interact with the content in the iframe. Unless I am missing something.