Created_at in /helix/users endpoint ... when?

I want to go all-in with the Helix API, but created_at is conspicuously missing from the /users endpoint in Helix. I want this information in my bot so that I can be alerted to new accounts, which are often used for trolling and spam.

Could the Helix devs please address this?

This was asked before, twice, with no real answer:

  1. Helix Vs. Kraken users endpoint

@geardrops said, “Going to look into this. Thanks for the feedback!” Closed one month later with no updates.

  1. User created at in new API

The OP was asked by @BarryCarlyon why they needed it, the OP responded, then someone else said they needed it too, and that was it. Closed one month later with no updates.