User created at in new API

I recently made followage and couple other chat commands for my friend using the new API but i had to use v5 for user created because i couldn’t find how to do it in new API.
Am i just blind or is checking when user was created impossible in the new API?

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That information is currently not in Helix.

Whats your use case for needing it?

Just checking when accounts are created like for example when you see someone trolling in chat and after they are timed out/banned new account comes in that was created like 5 mins ago. Just gives you more confirmation that it’s the same person and you can just give ban straight and report for ban evasion if that keeps happening a lot. Also it’s fun to know when you have created your own account for example i created my account 5 or 6 years ago.

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This is something I need too, it’s important (even down to the day is fine, don’t need extreme fine grained detail) for chat moderation.

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