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Hi there,

I’m using the twitch api to grab some live information about the streams.

I can get with


and with


I thought that I could use the viewers numbers returned in the JSON as the current active viewers of the channel… but looks like that is not true.

I did some testing already visiting a channel and returning the JSON and my Id didn’t appear as active viewers even with the correct number of viewer_count been fetched. Sometimes the JSON returns empty (Chat only for Followers???) And I couldn’t figure out a reliable way to get that current list of viewers.

Is there any way to get the list of current viewers?

I’ve check the current API but I didn’t found any reference to that but I also didn’t found any reference to this url…

Wondering if there is any other API, URL, webcall that I can use to gather this kind of information.

Thanks in advance.

This endpoint is heavily cached and will take some time to update to show people who have joined (or remove) people whom have left.

And there is no reliable way to get the current list of viewers, the one you are calling only returns people in chat.

Followers only mode has no bearing on showing up/not showing up

That /chatters JSON only returns people whom are in chat, not people whom are watching the stream.

Yeah it’s a undocumented endpoint. There is no endpoint that Twitch officially provides to get whom is watching a stream (or whom is in a chat of a stream).

The closest we get is Drops but Drops is locked to Games Developers.

You could achieve what you are after using a Twitch Video extension, but that will exclude people on mobile and non extension enabled platforms (such a console)

We have a uservoice at

requesting Twitch to add an officially supported endpoint for us

@BarryCarlyon the kind of answer that you provide is the hole point of this forum. Thank you for your spending time with that. I really appreciate.

Hope in a near future they enable this kind of feature. I particularly don’t believe that is such a difficult thing to be implemented and I believe that would be a amazing aggregate valued it we had something like that.


Most welcome :smiley:

I think it’s more a security/privacy thing than a technical hurdle.

Yeah… I had that same felling regarding the privacy concern…

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