[solved] How to get list of viewers for a channel?

Looking in Reference | Twitch Developers for “list of viewers” “list viewers” “viewer names” “current chatters”, to no avail. I would like to see the list of users that count as viewers for my channel.

Edit: I found it. This post helped me: Current Viewers information


There is no possible way for you to see who counts as a viewer on your channel.

The chatters endpoint you mentioned is just a list of users and bots that are connected to Twitch Chat and joined your channel, and has no relation whatsoever to if they are a viewer or not.

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In addition to what Dist said, please note that the mentioned Chatters Endpoint is undocumented and thus unsupported - it may change or be removed without advance notice.

If you want this usecase, support this UserVoice: Chatters / Viewers Helix API Endpoint – Twitch UserVoice


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