Delay-adjusted "game" example

In the course of reading some of the topics in this section that related to the delay time during the broadcast on Twitch, I met with advice to create some kind of game based on the fact that the delay cannot be avoided.
And so I had a question: are there any examples of such interactivity or a “game” that competently beat this moment with a delay during the broadcast on a twitch?

To me, Choice Chamber is one example. Viewers vote on options which will change the streamer’s gameplay but the vote are generally open a bit before the streamer encounters the result. For example, while on one part of the map, viewers will vote for what kind of enemy will be on the next section.

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I had a 2D (top down) racing game running on Twitch a while ago. It was basically an endless game where you had to avoid incoming cars by changing lanes. Before an actual car spawned there was an indicator showing the lane, so the player had some time to move out of the way.

I figured out that roughly 5-7 seconds delay worked for the game if you want people all over the world play it. Phone users told me their delay was a lot higher. That was in 2018, so maybe it already changed.

What I’m trying to say: you can have the delay as some kind of challenge. Make it a gameplay element. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s still a test video:

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